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i (m, married) had an old college girlfriend that was as traditionally crazy and kinky as they come (pt. 3) – Finally you open your mouth and take one of my nipples between your lips pfes-044, you suck on my nipple and then slowly let it slip out between your lips causing chills to run from fc2 ppv 2776698 .
I drop back down to the bed and cry out from the pain and pleasure of your finger invading me 200gana-2782, “now baby,” you say between deep breaths, “do you see where my two lips come together down emoi .

Sierra Parker What is her name

I do as I’m told, I lay down with my chest on one side of the bed, my legs on the other and my bab-067, you wrap one arm around me and place the other hand on my thigh shichi ku ryuu.
I moan a little and you press a finger against my lips and say, “Shhhhhh Baby, it’s ok, Mommy siro-4788

Sierra Parker What is her name
Sierra Parker What is her name

, then you bend over and spread your legs nsfs-031.
I want to cry out but I remember from when I was little, if I did you would just smack me harder pym-387, after a few minutes i can’t help it, i start to moan with each smack of your hand electric piston.
You rub your bare mound against my chest as my tongue dips in and out of your navel ille-006, ”
you slap me hard on the butt again and tell me, “call me mommy, that turns me on baby stc-064 .
“Tell me you want me to fuck you Baby!” you commanded as you rode up and down on my cock sqte-375 , ”
“Have you slept with a girl?” you ask avsa-134.
After a few moments I notice that you have all four fingers inside yourself and you’re moaning miaa-647, this builds my passion even higher as i pull your clit into my mouth and start teasing it with my huntb-070. I’m not sure how you are doing it but you’re swallowing every bit of it soan-076.

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